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Interactive whiteboard’s

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 This workshop introduced in an in-depth way the Smart notebook which I will be using when I go on school placement. I have seen the interactive white boards (IWB) being used in classrooms but never actually experienced using it for myself. This workshop gave me the opportunity to explore the various functions within smart notebook and play around and experiment with it.

I don’t feel as confident using this type of technology just yet but am sure that after more practice and experience using it I will feel more secure delivering a lesson using the IWB. Technology is increasingly developing and I believe that as a teacher it’s important to be kept up to date with these progresses and advance my learning to suit this. Technology use in schools has come along way since the days of blackboards, overhead projectors and white boards.

 The introduction of IWB’s according to the National Whiteboard Network have the potential to:

  • Improve the quality of interactions
  • Improve teacher assessment through the promotion of effective questioning
  • Enhance modelling
  • Redress the balance of making resources and planning for teaching
  • Increase the pace of learning

(Allen, J. Potter, J. Sharp, J. Turvey, K. 2007. Primary ICT: Knowledge, understanding and Practice. Achieving QTS. Learning Matters)


In the workshop we discussed the considerations when using IWB’s which are important within the context of the classroom as things such as height and positioning of the boards and light and text visibility all need to be taken into consideration when installing and using IWB’s.

What interested me was the discussion about how this type of technology benefits Special Educational Needs (SEN) children and English as an Additional Language (EAL) pupils. It is important that inclusion within the classroom is taken into consideration and it seems clear to me that IWB’s are a great way to enhance the learning of pupils with SEN.



What the research says about IWB’s…………

‘Allowing pupils to use the whiteboards so they engage with
learning materials is therefore vital in increasing motivation
and learning gains (Kennewell, 2001). Studies report that
motivational gains diminish as the whiteboards become more
familiar, although pupils tend to view their educational impact
more positively the more they are used (STCC, 2002).’

 During the time given to experiment with the smart notebook I found areas quite tricky and seemed to encounter problems with the ‘rub and reveal’ aspect of the notebook. I found that due to my lack of experience with this I need to gain more confidence  in this area and build up my knowledge and skills of the areas such as gallery, changing font and format, magic pen use of interactive games and activities. It seemed to be a case of trial and error with experimenting how to use features of the notebook. It can get frustrating not knowing how to use it and so I need to practice more with it.  After the lesson I booked a session in the library to use the IWB and with a few other students we experimented with the notebook by inserting text, pictures and just finding out ways to use the IWB.

Hopefully, in time I will become more confident and using IWB’s will be second nature………..

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